Artist-Capture / Construct / Color

Busan, South Korea 1985
At a young age IngSangHee became very interested in creativity as an expressive outlet to understanding her identity.  She began to fall in love with Art, fashion, and music because of their intrigue, feelings, emotion  and hard work..  She strived for education and received both Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine art, while gaining varied life and work experience, ranging from art direction, modelling, acting, and photography, to fashion design, wearable art, visual merchandising, creative writing, organizational managemebt and event management.  She currently owns her own company, and has clients in the areas of: Art, Fashion, Technology, and Science.  Ing is also currently working to develop her luxury fashion accessories label called IngSangHee, with its upcycled sustainable branch off, called ALTER that consists of up-cycled, second hand and vintage items.  “I like to mix my education, skills, work history and passions together and play around with this process as it helps form my identity and further myself as an artist.  I am learning a lot about art, culture, life, and branding and what it takes to be an artist in today’s fast paced post-modern times.  Through living this sort of double art/business life, I get a sense of both worlds that gives me the balance I need to enjoy life.  I believe that these varied experiences push me out of my comfort zone and allows me to find comfort in the uncomfortable, as this process allows me to slowly awaken to the understanding of not only my identity, but my purpose.”   Ing’s desire is to further develop herself as an artist, help others who want to create, or may not have the abilities/resources to create. She is also looking to connect with those who may be interested or inspired by her and her work, or those who simply want to expand learning and love to brainstorm.   Ing’s vision is to create artistic ideas, sounds, processes or things, that may spark emotion, and also design creative success for all incorporated.

IngSangHee utilizes her her Art education, Fashion and business background and aids in the Visual merchandising, artistic direction and branding for the Bookstore Project’s two swap shops: Het Bureau and the Novel.  She also assists in the Swop Shop events put on in the community and is planning to have/take part in a couple exhibitions through her time with the Bookstore Project.